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Wood Statue Repair Singapore


Collecting different forms of art coming from all over the world is one of the most fascinating hobbies you can ever have. Wood statues are made by various civilizations and tribes and there are many interesting pieces that you can find out there today. However, just like any other products, your wood statues may also suffer from some damages. When this happens, you will need to call on the experts in wood statue repair Singapore.


Wood Statue Repair Singapore


Even though a tiny crack on a wood statue can further improve its character and uniqueness, a huge crack on a wood statue can end up ruining its overall appearance. Just so you know, it is common for statues and other types of woodworks to end up with cracks. In fact, you can almost expect to encounter or notice some cracks at one point in your wood statues.

In case you have a wood statue that requires some fixing and touchup, wood statue repair Singapore is a moderate and simple approach that can rejuvenate a cracked wood statue.


Care and Maintenance Tips for Wood Statues


Whether you are planning to buy a wood statue or you already have one or several wood statues, you have to take extra care when it comes to regularly cleaning this precious work of art.

The very first step in cleaning your wood statue is to remove any dust that accumulated on the piece as carefully as you can. The use of industrial cleaners might end up damaging the wood used for carving the statue. On the other hand, maltreatment of a wood statue may also lead to its total destruction. Instead of spraying commercial cleaning products, it is best to use a clean dry cloth for wiping off the dust from your wood statue.

After that, place a wood safe soap instead of a generic soap in one bucket of water. Soak the soapy water with the cloth and with this damp cloth, clean the wood statue gently and carefully. See to it that you remove all the grime and dirt that has gathered on the wood statue.

Get another new piece of dry cloth then soak this in tap water. The second cloth should be used to clean the wood statue and get rid of the soap that remained on the wooden piece. Lastly, use a dry third towel to remove the leftover water as much as possible and put the wood statue in a place that got good ventilation. When you do this, it will help you make sure that the excess water is going to dry up fast. Remember that you never let water, soap, or a combination of these two to remain on your wood statue since this may lead to serious damage.


If you still got some questions or you are unsure how you should take care of your wood statue, don’t hesitate to consult the experts. But, if your wood statue is already beyond cleaning and a good repair is needed instead, contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore!


Types Of Other Statue Repair


Below is a list of different types of other statues repair in our shop. Do visit our shop to find out more and cost to bring your statue back to mint condition.



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