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Thai Monk Statue in Singapore


There are many famous Thai Monks who are well respected not just locally in Thailand but globally for their successful proliferation of the buddha teachings. They are the gurus and role models in spiritual teachings and meditation to teach the “right way of living”.

After they passed on, their image was made into statues for people to remember their contributions and teachings. It was generally believed that these statues will bless the people with good fortunes and protect them against evil. Therefore, it has become a common practice to place Thai Monk Statues at home.


Thai Monk Statue Singapore


There are many different types of Thai Monk statues with different materials like bronze, ceramics, stones,2 etc and of varying sizes and different Thai Monk images. Choosing one can be a chore and if you have not had the experience, you may not know where to start. Come to our shop and we’d be glad to share and explain to you the various Thai Monk Statues so you have the information you need to make decision for purchase.


List of Other Statues For Sale or Custom Made


Below is a list of other statues for sale in our shop. Do visit our shop to find your ideal statue, custom made is another option if the ready-made statue doesn’t meet your needs.



What Services GRECA provide?


We provide handcrafted & Ready Made Thai Monk statues with different types and variety. We also offer custom service as well where our experienced and skillful craftsman is able to cater to the Thai Monk statue design to your needs and preference to show your sincere respect to Thai Monk.

Apart from the New Thai Monk statue Sales, Greca also specializes in Thai Monk Statue Repair Services to repair defects of your existing statues of all types of materials. We restore the old/ancient/heritage Thai Monk statues to near original or a mint condition like new. Facelift and coloring service plus accessories are available to refresh your statue to the best form/state.

Call or contact us today for specialize professional services. Your Thai Monk  statue will certainly be in good hands. Your satisfaction is our commitment and motivation!


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