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Stone Statue Repair Singapore


While stone is well known to be tough and hard, this particular material can also get quite brittle. This is why stone statue repair Singapore may sound too troublesome.

If you want to repair a stone statue, one of the biggest challenges of the task lies in trying to conceal the repair and ensuring that it won’t happen ever again or for the break to be strong and even stronger than other parts of the statue. The project may be difficult but with careful planning and patience, you can be sure that your statue will look as good as new as if nothing happened in the first place.


Stone Statue Repair Singapore


Short Glimpse at the History of Stone Sculptures and Statues


Venus figurines were the earliest stone statues that were ever created. These started to appear across the continent of Europe during 30,000 BCE. Stone relief sculptures are also famous features of prehistoric art found in caves including Roc de Sers, Roc-aux-Sorciers and Cap Blanc.

Stone reliefs and statues were also extensively used in the cultures of Assyria, Mesopotamian, Persia, and Egypt with the ancient craftsmen and masons having a key influence on the Greek sculpture. The well-known Colossus of Rhodes, a type of monumental stone statue of Helios and is also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was among the greatest sculptures that the world has ever seen prior to its collapse during the 226 BCE earthquake.

Stone sculpting reached its peak during the Romanesque art period with the Gothic architecture period following close behind and resulted to the creation of an excellent selection of 3-dimensional religious stone pieces that grazed the history of sculpture.

Polynesia’s Easter Island serves as the home to some notably stunning Oceanic art pieces including 887 of the Moai monolithic figures or also called the Easter Island Heads. A creation of the Rapa Nui people using volcanic tuff between 1250 and 1500 CE, the monumental pieces showcase the living faces of the sacred ancestors. After the peak period, a decline happened but stone still remained as among the primary mediums for the large-scale outdoor creations.

When the 20th century came, almost all of the modern era’s best sculptors have practiced using stone before it progressed to other materials like bronze or marble. Some sculptors spent all their lives working with stone as the preferred material.

The 20th century’s artistic practice completely reworked, redefined, and reconsidered the sculpture’s key concept with the introduction of abstraction. At the same time, this also paved the way for new approaches in working with stone.

The direct carving process that Constantin Brancusi introduced in 1906 sparked the revolution in carved sculpture tradition. Although earlier carved statues were based on preconceived model and were typically carved by craftsmen that the artist works with, the latest method suggested that the actual carving process recommends the last form instead of a carefully worked out initial model.

Stone statues have surely gone through a lot of changes and development during all these years. If you need a quality stone statue repair Singapore, contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore!


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