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Statue Repair Singapore


It doesn’t matter if you want to repaint your statue or if it is broken into pieces and needs repainting and restoration because statue repair Singapore is a helpful service that you can take advantage of. There have been lots of cases where statues need repair, whether these are made from bronze, ceramics, wood, etc.

The statue can be as tall as 6 feet or as small as 6 inches. With the statue repair Singapore, you can get your damaged statue repaired and expect it to be better and much stronger than ever before.


Statue Repair Singapore


The Need for Quality Sculpture Repair in Singapore


There are numerous kinds of materials that are used for crafting statues and sculptures. Every material has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to its long lasting quality and its susceptibility to damage and deterioration. Some types of statues and sculptures that need the services of an expert and professional statue repair and restoration expert include the following:


Ceramic Statue Repair


Ceramic statues and sculptures can get damaged quite easily because of unintentional impact or incorrect handling. Once a ceramic statue or any other type of piece is damaged, it usually breaks sharply in areas where protruding elements are present. Good examples of such areas are the head or arms of the statue. But, with the help of the special skills of the professional statue repair specialist, including painting, molding, and filling, you can look forward to seeing the pieces of your ceramic statue back to their original places without any signs of the damage that happened.


Porcelain Statue Repair


Porcelain is known to be quite fragile as a material used for the construction of statues and sculptures. But, due to its undeniable beauty, porcelain is still popularly used for the creation of different forms of stunning and eye-catching statues.

Sad to say, porcelain statues are the number one victims of breaks. The experts at statue repair Singapore, however, can get rid of all those obvious signs of the past damages on your porcelain statues.


Marble Statue Repair


Stone and marble statue repair can be a serious challenge for an amateur. Most of the time, only a seasoned professional can achieve the specific type of results that can virtually eliminate all of the traces of the past damage. If you wish to restore your damaged or broken marble statues and you want it to be appreciated once again for its innate artistic beauty, a professional who restores marble statues will apply his skills that he patiently learned through the years.


Types Of Statue Repair


Below is a list of different types of statues repair in our shop. Do visit our shop to find out more and cost to bring your statue back to mint condition.



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There is no denying that statues can add a touch of elegance, beauty, and sometimes mystery in any area where they are installed. Since they can also incur damages and get broken because of whatever reason, you will need quality statue and sculpture repair for any kind of material whether it is made of bronze, ceramics, wood, etc.

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