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Resin is one of the most common materials for both small and large statues. This material is easy to cast and is also durable enough that makes it ideal even for outdoor ornaments. Sad to say, accidents can happen out of nowhere and your resin statue might end up scratched, cracked, or completely broken.


resin statue repair singapore


If this is the case, there are two methods you can try to repair your resin statue depending on how serious the damage might be. You can repair your statue using two-part epoxy glue but it is also important to buy epoxy appropriate for outdoor use if the resin statue is located in the garden.


  • Combine epoxy based on the instructions indicated in the plastic cup or beaker. You can use a syringe to get the accurate measurement of the hardener and resin.


  • Blend the epoxy thoroughly with a wooden spatula and apply this to your resin statue right away before it starts setting.


  • Paste the cracks using the spatula. Apply epoxy on the statue to stick back the statue pieces together. Wipe away any excess epoxy with a dry cloth. You can also wait until the epoxy completely dries up. A thin file can also be used to get rid of any unwanted excess epoxy.


  • Hold in the piece in proper place until the epoxy turns hard. You can also use masking tape for securing together the two pieces. Refer to the instructions of the manufacturer to know how long it will take.


  • Attach the drill’s drill head that will match the size of the threaded pipe. Start drilling a hole in the middle of the broken spot on the broken part and the statue. Ensure that the holes are matched up to prevent the part from sitting at an odd angle once you attach it again.


  • Use a smaller drill head in your drill to create tinier holes around the hole in the center on the broken part and main statue. Drill holes in various directions for the epoxy to stick.


  • Cut the right length of the threaded pipe that will be fitted into the two center holes. The pipe’s length must be smaller compared to the two other drilled holes yet it must extend out of the resin statue. It must also offer support for the broken piece.


  • Blend the epoxy-based on the instructions. Apply this on the broken part and the statue and make sure that the smaller drilled holes are filled with epoxy. Firmly press together the two parts and read the instructions of the epoxy manufacturer for advice regarding the expected drying time.


  • Use a file or piece of sandpaper to remove any excess epoxy after it hardens. Painting the area to match other parts of the statue can also be done after the resin has completely set.


If you find these instructions baffling, there is no need to worry because this is an easier alternative. Contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore, and we will repair your resin statue and restore its original beauty!


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