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Plaster Statue Repair Singapore


There will always come a point in your life when something can end up broken. If you end up breaking a plaster statue, there are several simple things that can be done to reverse the damage. The good news is that even when you break plaster into millions of small pieces, plaster statue repair Singapore is possible with the use of several simple items and a significant amount of time. The secret here is to make sure that you gather every piece that was broken off.


Plaster Statue Repair Singapore


  • Glue back all pieces into their original position using school glue. Many people often think they should use hot, epoxy, or super glue. However, the best glue you can use plaster is the good old white school glue. This can seep into the plaster’s pores and rebuild the bond between broken pieces. Be careful in gluing the parts and avoid leaving lots of cracks and gaps. You need to smooth out any cracks before touching up the paint. It may require filling gaps, repainting, and sanding areas. After gluing the parts together, there might be a need to tape the parts in place until they turn dry. Once dry, you can get rid of the tape and check if the statue already looks acceptable. If everything looks good, your work is done. If there are cracks, chips, or gaping holes, you can proceed to the second step.


  • Fill in large gaps using paper towels or tissue loaded with glue. Ensure that the filled areas are smooth. Use your fingers to gently smooth areas filled with paper. Fill in tiny chips with glue-loaded toilet tissue. Let the pieces dry. If the area dries smooth, proceed to the third step. If the area dries bumpy, rough, or too high, you can smooth this out with sandpaper. Use fine sandpaper then work using tiny strokes. For really small areas, a nail file can be used for sanding away rough spots. For gaping holes, glue a flat paper towel piece across the inner part of the hole and allow it to dry. Place alternating layers of paper towel and glue until you fill-up the hole. Use tiny paper towel pieces and a paintbrush for painting the glue on paper towel layers. You are basically forming a layer of paper mache here to rebuild an open hole. Use your fingers to smooth out the layer and allow it to dry. A nail file or sandpaper can be used for sanding.


  • Paint glue layers into cracks and fine lines. The procedure might have to be repeated a few times to smooth the glue in the cracks with your fingers or paintbrush to make it smooth. It can be time-consuming to fill cracks, holes, and fine lines but this is important for plaster resin statue repair Singapore. Sand rough areas before you move on to the last step.


  • Repaint your statue once you are done smoothing it. Test paint colors with a scrap paper before placing this on the statue. This is to avoid repainting the entire statue. Be careful in matching the colors in every area for the final piece to look exactly as how you want it to.


Here’s an example of the Plaster Statue Repair of Cha Tu Kang (查嘟康), a popular Thai God Statue for Wealth & Health, that had been completed recently. See the transformation!



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