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Marble Statue Repair Singapore


Marble is a type of limestone-derived metamorphic rock mainly made up of calcite. Marble is created once pressure and heat transform limestone after other materials overlay it. Sculpting statues with marble is a cherished and ancient form of art. Mankind has long been creating different shapes using stone ever since the beginning of time way before our ancestors started to learn to scribble on the walls of caves.

Sculpting monuments and statues with marble can be traced back to 1st century BC or much earlier based on the latest findings. Marble statues are known to be very durable and even after centuries passed, they still manage to maintain their exceptional durability and beauty. Some of the best examples of these marble statues include Michelangelo’s The David in Florence and Moses in Rome, and Venus De Milo in Louvre, Paris. All of these three were able to retain their magnificence through all these years.


Marble Statue Repair Singapore


Today, marble statues continue to bring intriguing and captivating beauty to many homeowners, business owners, schools, galleries, gardens, religious institutions, and all types of venues all over the world. These marble statues are used to decorate, refine, and honor some especially influential people.

During Renaissance period, the time of Michelangelo, the only technique for creating marble statues or monuments was to engage in the tedious task of chipping away chunks from a huge block of marble with the use of tools such as a pitching tool, a large mallet, and a point chisel. The only downside of this is the fact that the smallest mistake will cause an irreversible damage on the stone or worse, it can lead to a severe injury in the hands of the sculptor. Of course, it can also be a waste of muscle power and inherent time.

Modern day artist have come up with more contemporary means of stone casting because of the much in demand concept of mass production in today’s art business. Many other kinds of marble combinations can also be used. In the process of statue casting, marble is combined with binding agents and resins and poured in a mold made from the original clay model.

What makes this latest innovative process of marble casting is that the marble statue replicas remain to be highly strong and resistant to weather elements. They also don’t turn yellow after years. They don’t incur any bubbles or cracks or you can use most types of cleaning agents to wash them off. Thanks to the more contemporary process, everyone can now enjoy the elegance and beauty of marble statues in homes and many other venues at prices perfect for every budget. On top of that, the painstaking process of chipping away from a chunk that used to take one to two years or even more to create a single large marble statue can be done and finished at a much faster rate.

While marble statues have the ability to stand the test of time, there might always be a need to get them fixed because of whatever reason. If this happens, don’t worry because all you need to do is contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore!


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