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What is Laughing Buddha?


Who is Maitreya Buddha ? We know him as a Laughing Buddha.
The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of abundance and happiness. He is also known as the ” Buddha of Wealth ” . It is believed he will bring wealth and prosperity to a home or business. Some Buddhist tradition consider him a Buddha or a bodhisattva, often identifying him with Maitreya (the future Buddha – Mi Le Fo).


Laughing Buddha


The Laughing Buddha statues are widely used in Feng Shui to bring Good Luck, Happiness, Fortune and Success. It attracts the positive energy and therefore it is recommended to display the Laughing Buddha statue in the living room close to the front door where you will see it once you step in the house or premises. Do not place the Laughing Buddha Statue in the Toilet, Bathroom or Kitchen.

The Laughing Buddha statue comes in different forms, some with children around them, some carrying a treasure bag, some sitting with beads on their hands and some standing & sitting. Choose the right one with your preference of pursuing for happiness, fortunes or success. Ask our experts if you are not sure and we’ll be glad to provide you advice.


What are the Benefits of placing a Laughing Buddha Statue at home/office?


Laughing Buddha in our modern world represents both Happiness and Abundance, shown with a big smile and tummy. It also represents wealth which is the main reason why more peoples are keeping Laughing Buddha statue at home, offices and commercial places like restaurants, retails and shops. It is widely believe the Laughing Buddha statue brings good luck, fortunes & happiness.

It is believed that by rubbing the Laughing Buddha tummy or belly often and with sincerity and do good deeds, your wish will be granted. Be sure to maintain the Laughing Buddha statue clean and well and fortune will come to you!


List of Other Statues For Sale or Custom Made


Below is a list of other statues for sale in our shop. Do visit our shop to find your ideal statue, custom made is another option if the ready-made statue doesn’t meet your needs.



What Services GRECA provide?


We provide hand crafted & Ready Made Laughing Buddha statues with different types and variety. We have the Standing or Sitting Laughing Buddha statue depending on your needs. We offer custom service as well where our experienced and skillful craftsman is able to cater the Laughing Buddha statue design to your needs and preference to show your sincere respect to the Laughing Buddha.

Apart from the New statue Sales, Greca also specializes in Statue Repair Services to repair defects of your existing statues of all types or materials. We restore the old/ancient/heritage statues to near original or mint condition like new. Facelift and coloring service plus accessories are available to refresh your statue to the best form/state.

Call or contact us today for specialize professional services. Your statue will certainly be in good hands. Your satisfaction is our commitment!


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