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Gold Leaf Gilding Singapore


Gold leaf gilding is a highly venerated surface decoration for many centuries. Its permanence, reflectivity, and stunning color have always been associated with classical beauty and the richness of classes and cultures all over the world. There is something enthralling in the light that reflects off from the elemental material. It evokes a sense of fascination, joy, and awe in a person’s consciousness.

The application of gold leaf needs the eye and expertise of an artist. This is expensive, fragile, and a notoriously fickle material to work with. Once applied with exact precision, it results in the creation of a surface coating with unparalleled perfection.


Gold Leaf gilding Singapore


What is Gold Leaf Gilding?


Gilding can be best defined as the covering of a common material or base with a gold layer. The layer can be achieved with gold leaf application to the adhesive applied on the surface that will be gilded. It is important to take note that there are still other lesser materials that must be used for creating a gilt surface.


Gold Gilding Statue


The composition leaf made up of tin and copper can also be used. Similarly, mica and bronze powders mixed in the binder can produce gold paint as well. These surfaces, despite being attractive themselves, won’t be able to achieve the appearance of a real gold leaf. There is also a tendency for them to discolor and tarnish with age without forming a patina.

Gilding’s origins can be traced back years ago. Almost every culture in the world used gold. Performing a trace of the chronology of the use of gold in culture and art will reveal its extensive appeal. Although there are many samples of objects wrapped in gold that can date back from the early 3000 BCE, gilding’s historical origins that used gold leaf starts much later on. The Egyptian tomb reliefs and paintings from 23rd century BCE are among the first popular examples that depict gold beaten into leaf.

Gilding Application Process and Why It is Considered an Art

Gold that was pounded onto leaf is simply a paradox. When applied properly, this can transform the most common materials into polished and solid-looking gold. Ironically, this can be strong and delicate at the same time. A gold leaf sheet is too fragile that handling it barehanded is not possible without causing it to collapse and tear into thin air. The gold leaf is very fine as well that it cannot even support its own weight.

In spite of its form and its fragile nature, the material is still stable metallurgically and chemically speaking that it will never deteriorate or tarnish provided that the substrate this lies on stays stable. Having said this, when the surface is not stable, the mere act of rubbing a slightly moist and soft cloth across the unsealed gilded surface might end up removing the gold.


Gold leaf gilding is traditionally used on mirror frames, picture frames, architectural ornaments, ceramics, all types and shapes of furniture, and art objects, especially statues. If you want a tried and tested professional gold leaf gilding, contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore!


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