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Different Types of God Statues in Singapore


Greca Trading pride ourselves as the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of many different types of Chinese God statues, figurines, accessories and prayer items for the altar in residential homes and temples. There are many different types of popular God Statues available in the market. The most popular such as the God of War or Guan Kong (关公), Monkey God (齐天大圣), Tua Pek Gong (大伯公)and many more which we offer ready-made or custom-made.

The God of War represents loyalty, integrity, and bravery. Some statues depict his martial side, with a saber while other statues depict his literary side, with him sitting and reading. These are the 2 typical statues to choose from for the Chinese God of War.


God Statues Singapore


Monkey god represents resourcefulness, strong, healthy and full of energy. It is deeply respected and loved by many generations of people, especially in Singapore and South East Asia region. Believers worship monkey god to get good luck, positive energy and safety and wealth!

Tua Pek Kong is another extremely popular God of Wealth, safety, prosperity, and longevity. If you visit most of the temples in Singapore, it is quite easy to find one in temples which explains its popularity. Most of the Tua Pek kong temples are build along the coast or river.

All the different God statues were made of different materials like wood, bronze, porcelain, etc and have different sizes and positions. You will surely be overwhelmed with choice,  we suggest you visit the shops/stalls who specialize in these god statues who can explain and orientate you with the differences.

Our company Greca Trading is one such company who had been around in the market for 20 years, our expertise and experience will certainly be able to help you find one God statues which meet your needs!


List of Other Statues For Sale or Custom Made


Below is a list of other statues for sale in our shop. Do visit our shop to find your ideal statue, custom made is another option if the ready-made statue doesn’t meet your needs.



What Services GRECA provide?


We provide hand-crafted & Ready Made God statues with different types and variety. We also offer custom-made service as well where our experienced and skillful craftsman is able to cater to the God statue design to your needs and preference to show your sincere respect to Buddha.

Apart from the New statue Sales, Greca also specializes in God Statue Repair Services to repair defects of your existing statues of all types of materials. We restore the old/ancient/heritage statues to near original or mint condition like new. Facelift and coloring service plus accessories are available to refresh your statue to the best form/state.

Call or contact us today for specialize professional services. Your God statue will certainly be in good hands. Your satisfaction is our commitment!


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