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Fiberglass Statue Repair Singapore


Statues serve as the representation of animals or people in sculpture form. A statue is in 3-dimensional form. It is carved, formed, modeled, and sculpted in different materials like stone, clay, wood, or fiberglass. Sculptures that represent an animal, abstract or person is known as a statue such as New York’s Statue of Liberty.

Statues are primarily used for describing large works in sculpture form. Statues can also be made with the use of fiberglass through sculpting and carving process. Statues can come in handy if you want to add a touch of beauty to a place, such as a building, an office, or a park.


Fiberglass Statue Repair Singapore


Statues are sometimes used as centerpieces that make a place look more pleasing and attractive to a person’s eyes. Being a form of art and a sculpture, statues require different craftsmanship and carving skills.


The Beauty of Fiberglass Statues


Fiberglass statues have a form of beauty that mainly depends on the level of perfection of the carving made. Being the representation of abstracts, animals, and people, statues require intricate sculpting as a much as possible. Sculptures, however, also have their own physical needs, which is a serious challenge that statue makers and sculptors face.

Constructing or building a statue is not an easy task. The force and strength required in the process of sculpting and carving will depend on the specific type of material used. As one of the common materials used for sculpting statues, fiberglass is best described as a type of fiber reinforced polymer created from a plastic matrix that is reinforced by the fine fibers of glass.

Fiberglass is a lightweight, robust, and durable material that is ideal for forming with the processes of molding. Fiberglass is affordable and less brittle and this is the main reason why sculptors are using it to construct statues.

Most of the time, fiberglass statues are similar to resin statues. Made from glass threads, fiberglass is formed through forcing the molten glass in a sieve that will spin it into threads. But, because fiberglass is being poured in liquid form, this will reflect all of the mold’s fine details.

Fiberglass is a highly recommended material for bigger sculptures since this is light enough to allow people to move fiberglass statues without the use of a crane. A fiberglass statue is also cheaper to ship compared to concrete statues.

As expected, fiberglass is relatively strong. This is reinforced and this is also the same material being used for producing boat hulls meant to withstand the elements and shock of the sea without incurring any breakage. On the other hand, although concrete is durable enough for use outdoors, it can break into small pieces if it is knocked over or hit. Fiberglass is also a more affordable medium.

Even though fiberglass statues are strong and durable, there are extreme cases when they will also need repair. For this reason, getting the help of the experts in fiberglass statue repair Singapore becomes essential. Contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore, to have your fiberglass statues fixed in no time!


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Below is a list of different types of other statues repair in our shop. Do visit our shop to find out more and cost to bring your statue back to mint condition.



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