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Ceramics have this unusual characteristic. Most of the time, ceramics are difficult to define sculpture genre. Usually treading the thin line between fine art and craftwork, ceramic pieces can often split opinions when it comes to how they must be regarded.

But, it doesn’t matter if the object is a craft or an art, ceramics are made with the use of non-metal minerals like natural clays or other kinds of earth. The material is then formed and fired. The firing process will convert the malleable base material in a corrosion-resistant, strong, and hard material to produce durable and long-lasting pieces.

There are different kinds of materials that are used for the production of ceramic statues either all by themselves or through the combination of other types of substances. There are completely synthetic materials as well like polymer clays. Dependent on the used base material and the object’s resulting properties once fired, it could be categorized as terracotta, earthenware, china, porcelain, stoneware, bone china, and others.


Are Ceramic Statues Craft or Art?


The distinction in the ceramics of craft versus art all boils down to ceramics’ historic uses.  More often than not, ceramics can be found in the form of many other things such as plates, pots, cups, and many other functional items. Although these objects could be made by hand with significant creativity and artistic intent, in general, it is said that if their production was mainly for the purpose of performing a function, they can be considered as craft. Much debate has been made regarding this distinction but ultimately, it is more about opinions instead of objective distinctions.


Ceramic Statue Repair


However, there is so much more to ceramics than just pots and plates. Generally speaking, in the field of sculpture, you can expect to find many ceramic works that exist in ways and forms more familiar with the rest of the mediums used for sculpting. For this reason, it is important to know and consider this distinction. But once again, everything in the art realm is quite subjective.

Considered as an art, ceramic works date back to many centuries ago. The use of clay in the production of simple decorative figures can actually be traced as far back as 25,000 BC. The first known figure made from ceramic is a tiny nude produced through molding then firing the combination of powdered bone and clay. From the humble beginnings, clay’s use has spread to pretty much all cultures in different parts of the world and has seen a lot of changes. However, at its very core, the process is still the same, in spite of how sophisticated the techniques used are and the pieces themselves.

With an interesting background, ceramic statues are highly valued. This is the reason why quality ceramic statue repair Singapore is important to ensure that you can preserve the look of your precious ceramic pieces.

Thanks to professionals in ceramic statue repair in Singapore, you can expect that your valued artwork will never lose its essence and value. Contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore, for your ceramic statue repair needs!


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