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Cement Statue Repair Singapore


A cement statue placed outdoors can weather and accumulate dirt over time that can add to its uniqueness and character. But, if the cement statue becomes too dirty and grimy to the point that you can no longer distinguish its features or details, cleaning the piece can help restore its original beauty.

It is important to avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners that might end up bleaching parts of the cement or removing paint since this might harm the piece or lead to its inconsistent color. Harsh chemicals might also end up harming other things around the statue such as plants.


Cement Statue Repair Singapore


If cleaning your cement statue can no longer help, cement statue repair Singapore becomes necessary. With the help of the experts in repairing cement statues, you can look forward to enjoying the restored beauty of your beloved pieces in no time at all.


Tips to Choose the Best Cement Statues


Since cement statues are known to be more affordable and more durable compared to stone, bronze, and brass statues, these have gained an immense popularity through the years.

But, with all the different types of cement statues that you can find today, it has also become quite confusing and even intimidating to choose the right statue for you.

Use these tips to help you pick the best cement statues that will look great for whatever purpose or application you have in mind:


  • Before you shop for cement statues, first, you have to decide on the specific theme you like. Do you like a fantasy, wildlife, Asian, Irish, or religious theme? There are numerous cement statues for different themes. After you have settled on a particular theme, it will be easier for you to narrow down the types of cement statues you should look at.
  • Decide on the role that the cement statue is going to play. Will it be a large centerpiece surrounded by smaller complimentary pieces? Would it be a smaller complimentary statue that will further accent an already stunning area?
  • Wide and open spaces will be able to handle bigger cement statues such as big animals and other large statue pieces. For instance, if there is a pond in your backyard, you can improve its appeal by adding large statues of wildlife.
  • Avoid overpopulating an area with cement statues. A few carefully chosen and placed statues are going to be more pleasing to the eyes compared to overcrowding the space with tons of different pieces.
  • If you will be using cement statues for your garden, placing them in spots where they best complement other parts of the landscape is the secret to make your garden look more attractive. A large cement statue right in the middle of a circular garden is going to look at home. Smaller cement statues lining up the walking path will look great as well.


Just as how you took time to shop for cement statues, you also need to spend time in making sure that they don’t get damaged or ruined. But, if these are unavoidable, don’t worry because you can always take advantage of cement statue repair Singapore. Contact us, the statue sales & repair specialist in Singapore, and let our experts repair your cement statues!


Types Of Other Statue Repair


Below is a list of different types of other statues repair in our shop. Do visit our shop to find out more and cost to bring your statue back to mint condition.



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