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Different Types of Buddha Statues in Singapore


There are many different types of Buddha Statues in Singapore. There are Fat or Skinny Buddha Statues, Buddha in sitting, standing and lying positions and many of them were made in different types of materials such as wood, bronze, concrete, cement, porcelain, marble or even fiberglass, etc.

The common Buddha statues is the Laughing Buddha and the Thai Buddha which are very popular in Asia where people purchased them for prayer and respect, while some consumers used it as decoratives for interior/outdoor to create the ZEN ambiance.


Buddha Image


The Choices are abundance and one can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to selection and purchase.  Therefore, it is advisable to have some ideas of what you are finding that suits your needs before you go to the market.  Our advice is to go with your heart and affinity when it comes to choosing the Buddha statue. The one that gives you the most feel and affinity is usually the one that you are looking for.


Custom Made vs Off the Shelf


Most of the shops offer ready-made Buddha statues vs Custom made. Ready-made doesn’t mean they all look the same, some of which is not mass-produce by machines but handcrafted. Therefore, each of every piece of buddha statue looks similar but they are not identical if you look carefully. You can ask the shop-keeper to verify.

There are pros and cons between custom made vs Off The Shelf as shown below:


Custom Made
  • Uniqueness (one & only)
  • Cater to individual preference in terms of colors/size/design
  • Need to wait for some time for completion/delivery
  • More costly
  • Take longer lead time to deliver
  • No/Less compatible accessories
Off The Shelf
  • Ready to take & go if ready stock available
  • Less costly
  • More compatible accessories
  • Have to adapt to colors, design, size
  • Not unique

We hope the above table helps you in deciding whether to go for Custom Made or Off The Shelf.


List of Other Statues For Sale or Custom Made


Below is a list of other statues for sale in our shop. Do visit our shop to find your ideal statue, custom made is another option if the ready-made statue doesn’t meet your needs.



What Services GRECA provide?


We provide hand-crafted & Ready Made Buddha statues with different types and variety. We also offer custom-made service as well where our experienced and skillful craftsman is able to cater the Buddha statue design to your needs and preference to show your sincere respect to Buddha.

Apart from the New statue Sales, Greca also specializes in Statue Repair Services to repair defects of your existing statues of all types of materials. We restore the old/ancient/heritage statues to near original or mint condition like new. Facelift and coloring service plus accessories are available to refresh your statue to the best form/state.

Call or contact us today for specialize professional services. Your Buddha statue will certainly be in good hands. Your satisfaction is our commitment!


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