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Bronze Statue Repair Singapore


One of the most common questions people ask is “Is it possible to repair a damaged bronze statue?” The good news is that bronze statue repair Singapore is here to help you fix any damage on your valued sculpture.

But, what is involved in this type of repair?


bronze statue repair Singapore


Different Options for Repairing Bronze


After you have identified and confirmed that your statue is really made from bronze, it is important to check the different repair options available.

Bronze statue repair can be quite tricky. The most common repair method for broken parts of a bronze statue or sculpture is welding or brazing. You will want to work with a skilled craftsman who is well-versed when it comes to chasing bronze statues. These professionals can do a clean and tidy job and bring back the original look of your statue. With the help of experts in bronze statue repair Singapore, you can expect for a long lasting and durable repair. However, the disadvantage here is that the finish on the statue or the patina may get damaged during the process.

Another method of repair for minor damages is with the use of strong adhesives. These repairs are usually faster and cheaper but there is a lesser chance that it will be as long lasting as the welding method. Meanwhile, the use of this bonding method allows reversal of the repair if this is a concern.


Repairing the Statue’s Patina


A patina job is a rather complicated art in itself. Working with a brand new statue is completely different from working on repairs. Repairs can be concealed if these are performed by competent patineurs who can blend the old with the new.

After the welding repair, the professional patinuer will try matching the main color of the piece with the use of paints or chemicals. The repair’s nature will depend on the age of the patina, the original patina’s components, and the environment where the statue is located.

The original patina for smaller pieces can be completely removed through sandblasting it with small glass beads. It causes minimal damage to the statue and creates a fresh canvas for a new patina.

This particular method doesn’t consider archival concerns or a need to preserve the statue as much as possible. However, if this is a concern, you will need the help of an archival repair specialist. You have to be very clear on your intentions when getting a bronze statue repair Singapore. There is a big chance that an heirloom in the family tells an important story with its scratches, rubbed off spots, or a darkened patina. All of these are part of the journey of the statue.

Bronze is a beautiful and durable alloy that brings joy to the lives of art lovers for many centuries. It doesn’t matter if you have an antique or a contemporary bronze statue because nothing changes that fact that it has a high monetary and personal value.

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Types Of Other Statue Repair


Below is a list of different types of other statues repair in our shop. Do visit our shop to find out more and cost to bring your statue back to mint condition.



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