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Statue Repair & Sales Singapore


Greca Trading ( 藝佳工藝品 )started its business in 1998 in Singapore. We specialize in all types of Statue Repair and New/Old Statue Sales Services in Singapore. The types of statues cover Buddha statues, Taoist Deities Statue, Guan Yin Statue, Thai Monk statues. We provide Custom Made statues to meet your specific needs.

Our specialty lies in good quality wood carved Buddhist, Chinese cultural and religious and statues from China using mainly Camphor and Cypress Wood. Other statues in any size and form can be custom carved according to your requirements. We provide restoration and repair works to save statues, artifacts of sentimental and precious value by our team of professional, highly experience,d and dedicated craftsmen to ensure your statues are in good hands!

Why Repair Statues?

Show Your Sincere Respect

Through Statue Repair, the repair, touch up and facelift will certainly refresh the Statue to it’s mint state like when it is brand new. This is a way to show your sincere respect to especially this is a divine statue.

Maintaining or Enhance Value

Repairing the Statue to it’s mint condition could help maintain or enhance it’s value. A tip top condition statue could usually fetch a higher value when resale. If the Statue is an antique, the repair need to be meticulous to ensure the originality of the statue is not impaired.

Sustain the Heritage

Some of the Statue may be passed down from generations, which makes it valuable and a family heritage that you can’t buy elsewhere. Therefore, Statue repair is certainly an option to ensure statue can sustain through time.

Lock Your Memories

Keeping a Statue which is of memory or sentimental values is like a vault that locks your fond memories. The statue repair is a way to maintain and refresh these memory as you will tend to admire it more often after the refresh.

Statue Repair & Sales Services


  • Statues Repair Services

We Perform Status Repair Services to restore the existing/old/antique statues/masterpiece to near it’s original mint condition. We also provide facelift service to refresh the statue with new paint or Varnish.


  • Statues Sales

We Provide a wide variety of Quality & Unique Ready Made and Custom Made Statues.


  • Gold Leaf Gilding Service

We provide Gold Leaf Gilding Services to transform the statue to a fresh new look!

About Us


Established in 1998, Founded by Mr Lim KY in Singapore. Greca Trading ( 藝佳工藝品 ) specializes in all types of Statue Repair and New or Custom Made Statue Sales Service. It makes, produces and repairs many different types of Statues for all the customer’s needs. 

We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated craftsmen with passions and sincerity to produce the best masterpiece for every statue. Check our Portfolio for some of the works we had done and delivered. 

Besides Statues repair and sales, we also involve in projects for Temple restorations and maintenance work. Call us to find out more about our professional services.


Here’s Some Of Our Customers review & comments

金身贴金箔 手工一流 价钱公道 谢谢老板 帮我的 佛像修补贴金。A good gold foil work in all kind statues . Prices reasonable and good art work. Recommend to all Temple or own Buddha statue.

James Ng

手工和服务都很好。价钱公道。(Excellent Craftsmanship & Service, Reasonable Price!)

Poh CG


Excellent Workmanship at reasonable cost. I will recommend my friends and relatives who need such service to them.


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